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Goods/ Freight Elevators
Goods/ Freight ElevatorsAETIS Elevators Goods/Freight Lifts are designed and manufactured utilising high quality well engineered components to provide a safe & smooth operation. AETIS ELEVATORS provides freight/goods elevators with different platform size and capable to carry load upto 5,000 kgs to different levels. Goods/Freight Lifts are used to transfer single or multiple pallet loads or equipment between floors in multistoried factories, godowns etc. We offer a wide range of options to ensure that it will exactly suits your needs.

Salient Features
» Min 750 kg to Max 5,000kg capacity
» Fail safe operation
» Easily and safely maintained
» Variable platform sizes.
» Different platforms including chequerplate, special paints and stainless steel skins

Optional Features
» Passenger safeties
» Voice announcing system
» VVVF drive

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DumbwaitersDumbwaiters are small freight elevators (or lifts) not intended to carry people or live animals. When located in modern structures, including both commercial and private buildings, they quickly and efficiently transfer goods between floors. Commonly used for to connect kitchen to dining areas in restuarents/hotels Used also in large bakeries libraries and in fact can be used in any place where small lots of goods are to be transported frequently.

Dumwaiters handle 100 to 250kg at speeds 0.25 to 0.50 mps.The choice of the control system depends upon the number of floors served and the intensity of service required. Different types of control offered include Call & Send & Multi-Button Systems.

Among other features available are signals to indicate car location & audio and visual signals to indicate car arrival.

Standard Features:
» Intelligent controller with text display
» Stainless steel call/ send buttons(illuminated)
» Stainless Steel cab
» Maintenance free motor/gear assembly
» Interlock door safety devices (locks doors when dumbwaiter is at other levels)
» 50Kgs to 500 Kgs capacity
» 0.25 mps rated speed
» Vertical biparting / swing / Roll up doors on landings
» Cab configurations including front/back and 90 degree

Dumb Waiters -BENEFITS:
» Used for speedy transportation of goods between floors
» Inexpensive to purchase
» Very reliable
» Can be positioned at different heights to suit users

Space Requirements:
Load Speed CAR-Inside Elevator- Well &
Machine Room
kg. mps. A B H C D E H
100 0.50 700 700 800 1200 900 700 800
150 0.50 800 800 900 1300 1000 800 900
200 0.25 900 900 1000 1400 1100 900 1000
250 0.25 1000 1000 1200 1500 1200 1000 1200

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