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Aetis Elevators Staircase Lifts

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Stair liftsStair lifts (sometimes called a stairglide) are the perfect solution to mobility issues. Stairlifts can take you up and down your stairs effortlessly, in safety and comfort.

» Manual swivel chair (Optional: Automatic swivel function)
» Easy-to-keep-clean vinyl, woven or leather surface
» Fold-up armrests, seats and foot rests
» Specially manufactured twin-tube sectional rails
» Safety steering mechanism with up/down press-button and On/Off toggle switch

Safety Characteristics
» Technically tested safety catch mechanism
» Speed limitation mechanism
» Automatic end switches at each stop
» Safety switch at the chair and at the foot rest
» Gearbox with speed reduction mechanism and braking function
» Load: 120kg - 160kg (depending on the model)
» Speed: 0,10m/sec.
» Power source: 230 Volts, 50 Hertz

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Aetis Elevators Escalators
EscalatorsAETIS ELEVATORS have entered into a technical tie-up with a top Chinese multinational to supply, install and maintain their brand of escalators and moving walks in India.

Primarily used around the world to move pedestrian traffic in places where elevators would be impractical, Principal areas of usage for our escalators include department stores, shopping malls, airports, transit systems, convention centers, hotels, and public buildings.

Main Specifications
» Installation Place: Indoor / Outdoor
» Vertical Height: 1.0 - 7.5m
» Inclination Degree: 30º / 35º (35º suitable for the height lower than 6m)
» Step Width: 600 / 800/ 1000/1200mm
» Speed: 0.5m/s
» Capacity: 4500 / 6750 / 9000/10500 Persons / Hour

» Outside cladding - stainless steel
» Outside cladding - colored anodized alloy
» Additional horizontal steps
» Handrail speed monitor
» Handrail lighting
» Skirting lighting
» Comb lighting
» Indicating arrow
» Photocell sensor
» Contact mats
» Skirt safety guard brush
» Frequency converting system VVVF
» Safety brake in main shaft

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Aetis Elevators Moving Walks
Moving WalksA full range of optional design features like glass balustrades in different shades, choice of handrail colors, various deckings, a variety of lighting options, as well as aluminum or stainless steel floor covers adapt to any individual need. The moving walk becomes an optically integrated part of any building situation.

Moving walks supplied and installed by AETIS ELEVATORS are prepared for providing long-distance data transmission and optional remote monitoring features.

Design Features
» Ribbed aluminum floor covers
» Glass balustrades enhance styling
» Opaque panels are available in a variety of finishes
» Rubber belt or pallet type conveyors are available
» Digital diagnostic panel displays moving walk functions and safety device status to expedite troubleshooting and minimize downtime.

Choose an Escalator or Moving Walk from AETIS ELEVATORS because these products are:
» Cost effective
» Technically diverse
» Made to withstand the rigors of public use

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